My Story...


I was born in Mendoza, Argentina where I spent the first 12 years of my life. As a young boy I dabbled in art exploring my the world through life drawings and sketches, it ran in the family you see. My granddad was a painter my uncle an accomplished artist who later based himself in Canada opening his own gallery, my path took a different turn as creativity for me would be expressed with a camera.
My family and I migrated to Australia in the late 80's and it was in high school where I took photography as a subject that I began to realize my passion for this medium, fast forward a few years and having traveled the World camera in hand I began to accumulate a body of work consisting first of landscapes and scenes this slowly led me to my current position as a full time Commercial and Advertising Studio Photographer here in Sydney.
I'm drawn to the dynamic and organic process of capturing portraits, be this in fashion work or documentary style images from foreign lands. This certain Magic that a great still image can convey is what feeds my enthusiasm and creative hunger in Photography.